Targets are your friend

I love to practice, well most of the time.  But like some people I find myself aimlessly wondering on the range.  Hitting balls and thinking,  “Wow, contact feels good, swing feels good and ball flight looks good.”  However, what is missing?  Targets!  Targets exist all over the course.  But for some reason we tend to lose sight of this, no pun intended. As if we are just driving our car on an open road with no lines, stop signs or traffic lights. Life is full of targets.  If we follow the signs we generally get to where we want to go.  So why is it that we forget this very basic idea when we are playing the game of golf?  I can tell you one thing: it’s called focus.  We lose it physically and mentally.  How do we gain it back when we are playing a round of golf and the wheels have fallen off?

We go back to the basics.  The fundamentals, the pre-shot routine, which is something that grounds us in the moment and gets our focus back.  What is that? A target, something specific, something small or big or even the tiniest blade of grass.  Why? Because it gets us out of our golf swing thoughts and back into the game.  The game of targets!  The brain has a funny way of working and when we just keep it simple to ONE thing you will be amazed at what happens.  The moral of this story is pick ONE target for each shot and keep it simple!



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