Introducing Shockwave Therapy for Golfers: Your Game Changing-Solution

Shockwave Therapy stimulates the natural healing process, targeting pain at its source and aids in regenrating damaged tissue. Experience the science based solution that keeps you in the game longer!

What are the Benefits of Shockwave?

• Rapid Pain Relief: Back Pain, Shoulders, Golfers Elbow and more..
• Accelerates Healing: Increases recovery time so you can get back to playing
• Non-Invasive Treatment: No downtown, injections, surgery-just results!
• FDA cleared technology, no risks, no side effects and over 80% patient success



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About Kathleen

Kathleen Heiney is a Class A member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division, master fitness trainer and a certified RYT Yoga Instructor. With a solid foundation of over 25 years experience in health and fitness, she’s practiced everything from competitive golf, tennis, personal training, body building, and ski instructor for the disabled.

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