About Kathleen Heiney

Kathleen Heiney is a Class A LPGA Professional and a graduate with a Masters in Kinesiology from Indiana University. With a solid foundation of over 30 years experience in health and fitness, she’s practiced everything from competitive golf, tennis, personal training, body building, and ski instructor for the disabled.

But her extensive experience is but a small drop in the bucket of what makes Kathleen good at what she does. Kathleen is a passionate person and her zest for whole-body wellness is infectious. She strongly believes in a whole-life balance and knows that the game of golf, combined with yoga and fitness instruction is a great way to achieve this.

Kathleen moved to Denver in 1994 from Indiana and now lives in the DU area with her husband, Tony, and her beautiful seven-year-old daughter, Janet. When she’s not golfing or practicing her yoga she is enjoying Colorado’s many outdoor activities as well as friendly get-togethers with her tight-knit group of neighbors and yoga community.



Kathleen has a simplistic approach to golf. As with anything in life we are all individuals with different needs. Because of this, Kathleen aims to help her students create the most consistent and repeatable swing matching their individual ability and level of athleticism. She prides herself in creating the most positive, goal-oriented, and fun environment for all levels of golfers.

Life is like a game, it has ups and downs, each day with a different challenge - as does the game of golf! In working through these challenges, Kathleen is not only adept at teaching new techniques and how to set realistic goals for your golf game, but also at revealing how these same skills can be applied to life.


Kathleen discovered yoga over 15 years ago. Like many people, she was in it purely for the workouts. She soon realized there was so much more to yoga than just the physical. In 2012, after starting her family, she decided to complete a 200-hour teacher training at Kindness Yoga where she fell in love with the practice and its captivating community. It was then that she realized the beautiful connection golf has with yoga and was inspired to combine the two.

When teaching yoga to her students, much like her fitness and golf instruction, she takes a straightforward approach. Her goal is that students experience yoga within themselves both physically and spiritually. She teaches all levels of yoga and encourages her students to do and be the best they can in all areas of life.


Kathleen began her fitness career when she was just 17. Starting with nautilus and high-impact aerobics instruction, her longtime love affair with the industry blossomed. She was a competitive body builder, trainer and aerobics coordinator for many years before moving to Colorado. Her drive for continuing fitness education has led her to continue with personal training as part of her golf and wellness business. She is devoted to sharing this passion and its benefits for everyday life with her clients.

Realistic goals, individualized plans, and challenging workouts that are safe and fun are the delight of her clients and their success is Kathleen’s passion.

Live everyday inspire others nurture commit everyday

About Kathleen

Kathleen Heiney is a Class A member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division, master fitness trainer and a certified RYT Yoga Instructor. With a solid foundation of over 25 years experience in health and fitness, she’s practiced everything from competitive golf, tennis, personal training, body building, and ski instructor for the disabled.

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