Understanding Your Golf Swing

Divot Magazine 2017 Spring Issue

Golf is an endurance sport. Many people might argue, but the truth is our bodies have to be able to perform a repetitive motion, in a sustainable manner, in order to execute a good round of golf. If that is the case, then why do so many players think they have to continually change their swing just to gain a few yards? Take Tiger Woods for example. When he was young he had a great golf swing and won many majors. Then he decided to change it, over and over again. What was the result? His body could not sustain the motion and resulted in permanent injury. I am not saying that we can’t make some changes to our swing, but if we do it has to be accessible and more importantly sustainable in your body. How then do we determine what is an accessible and sustainable golf swing?

The practice of yoga is a great way to get to know and understand how our bodies moves. In addition, it also teaches us what works and perhaps what doesn’t. The more we get to know our bodies, the better we understand what is accessible and if we can actually sustain it. As an instructor, I see 100’s of different swings every season. I get the same question over and over, why can’t I be more consistent and get the ball to do what I want it to do all the time. The answer may be it is physically impossible.

I have been playing golf for over 40 years, ever since I could remember I have always had a fade. As a teacher and a professional I wanted to have a draw. Why you ask? It looks good and you get more distance. I worked on drawing the ball for two seasons, and on occasion it worked but it was not sustainable, what is, is my fade. The point is my body will only swing the club in a way that is accessible and sustainable, no matter how hard I try to change it, it will stay relatively the same.

Every waking moment of everyday our bodies are changing. The practice of yoga is a great way to tune in each and every moment to what is happening. Not necessarily what is NOT happening. Part of my Yoga Fit FORE Golf program teaches you how to be more aware of our accessibility of movement in our bodies before, during and after a round of golf. To know and understand what is accessible the day of play can help you determine your strategy for a round. 

Take some time before your next round and spend a few minutes doing some pre-game yoga moves in my Yoga Fit FORE Golf program. It will not only warm you up but it will help you determine what is accessible for your golf swing the day of play. This will certainly will set the tone for a great, positive, realistic, and fun round of golf!

Visit www.lincgolfandwellness.com website on my yoga page for a series of pre-game poses!