Your Gut Instinct is there for a reason!

How many times have you reached for a club and then changed your mind?  How often have you read a putt and changed the line over the ball?  How many times have you said I “should” have gone with my first choice? If you are anything like me and most golfers you answered yes to all of the above questions.  Here is the ultimate question, “Why do we keep making that second choice, even when we know the first is 99% the right choice?”  Part of it is confidence and the other part is shot commitment.  When I am standing over the ball and having the uneasy feeling that I haven’t chosen the right club, the shot I produce is generally NOT good.  When we hover, knowing we haven’t made the right decision, we are not fully comitted.  If the commitment isn’t there neither is confidence.  We all want to have more confidence with our choices on and off the golf course.  

When I am playing my best golf (which has been a lot lately, since I’ve been incorporating my YFFG techniques!), I have learned to listen to my gut and commit to my shot.  Sure there are certainly times that we won’t produce a good golf shot, no matter how prepared we are, but the majority of the time when we listen to that little voice we are more commited.  Try to practice this next time you are on the course, at work or in a life situation when the little voice is screaming at you.  That voice is there for a reason and generally it is pretty accurate, so start making friends with it today!