Surrendering to Adversity!

Last Friday, I played our annual round at The Sanctuary, an elite club in Colorado, which is by invitation only.  We always look forward to our round every year and very blessed and honored to get to play there.  We show up and we are faced with 25-30mph winds.  I think to myself, I can handle this, I played Bandon Dunes a couple years ago, and I am certainly prepared.  At least I thought I was prepared until I lost my very first tee shot off the first hole!  Okay I thought, no biggie it is totally fine, I got this (practicing my positive self-talk). I hit another back in play.  Another shot, on the first hole, into the water.  I continue to try and stay positive with a triple on the first hole.  I continue to practice my positive self-talk and the round continues, for 5 hours, to be the worst round of my summer. 

What happened yesterday is what happens often in the game of golf.  Every day you are faced with adversity and sometimes you just can’t pull it together.  Looking back, that is exactly what happened.  I was up against harsh conditions, from weather to fatigue to lack of focus. I tried to stay positive but the poor round continued and I ended up with a 92.  

The moral of the story is that golf is so much like life.  No matter how hard you try to overcome the elements of the game, there are just going to be those days that you chalk up to bad golf! 

Fall Lesson Specials

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