My love affair with my new driver!

I was so excited to get my new XR16 Callaway driver – for several weeks I was in heaven. It was amazing how much confidence I had in the tee box.  We got along for a while and I didn’t think I could miss a drive – I was stoked! Well it didn’t last, much like most things in golf and life. All of the sudden I wasn’t making contact the way I had in the beginning. It was as though I didn’t know what I was doing. So what happened next? I PANICKED.  I was a ball of nerves and the next round of 9 I lost 4 balls.  I thought, “Who me? Losing golf balls that is impossible!  I am a professional and I am good.”  What is wrong?

Well the love affair was over and for many that means putting the driver back in the bag.  But no, I refused!  I spent two weeks working it out on the range.  I worked and worked and worked on it.  Not only did I work on it on the range I worked it out in my, you guessed it – head!  Now we are back together and things are going well. That doesn’t mean it may not happen again, but it does mean one thing and that is you have to work on it.  You have to gain the confidence back and know that things will be okay and more importantly it is only golf and it happens to the best of us!

Fall Lesson Specials

I’m still having a hard time believing that summer is over, but the good news is we can play golf almost year round in Colorado! To keep your game up to par, take advantage of my Fall Lesson Specials!

– 3 Private Golf Lessons $239 (one on course)
– 3 Semi Private Lessons $180 per person (one on course)
– 3 Yoga Fit FORE Golf Sessions $189
Combo of 2 Private Lessons and Two Yoga Fit FORE Golf Sessions ONLY $289
*** All lessons are offered at Fossil Trace Golf club and    expire November 7th, 2016