Improving Your Misses

One of my favorite quotes from Bob Rotella is- “Hit the shot you know you can hit, not the one you think you should”. If you want to not only improve your score you have to learn to improve your misses. I hear students say, “Well I think I should hit this shot.” Not I KNOW I can hit this shot. So much of our confidence comes from what we know we need to do not what we think we should, would or could do. I challenge my students to change their language during a round. Here is your challenge, The next time you go out and play try this one on for size: I can, I will and I am…. For example, you step up to a shot and you “think” you should use a certain club but your gut says you know which one it is. This is where improving your misses begins! Do what you know you can, not what you think you should!!! 

Good Luck!

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