Golf Is An Inside Job!

Golf is an inside job!

“The mind messes up more shots than the body”- Tommy Bolt. Golf is one the most challenging mental sports ever played.  We spend countless hours on the range practicing all the mechanics, shaping shots, chipping, pitching, putting and more.  Practice is a necessity to getting better.  However, we forget one of the most important parts of becoming a great player is the mental side, the inside job.  As an instructor for over 12 years and a player for over 40 I can’t stress enough how important practicing the mental side is.

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Be Comfortable, being uncomfortable?

Quote: If you can out last that discomfort, I guarantee you baby; on the other side of it is success!!

By Eric Thomas

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Understanding Your Golf Swing


Understanding “your” golf swing!

Posted April 22, 2017

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The "Chitch" - A cross between a full pitch and a chip shot

This is a quick golf lesson in which Kathleen demonstrates what she call the "Chitch". This shot is a cross between a full pitch and a basic chip shot.

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Master’s Weekend first ACE!

April 9th was my first 18 for the year.  What a round it was! I decided that morning that I was going to commit to my Yoga Fit FORE Golf program (YFFG) and blog about it all summer.  I told my husband and asked if he wanted to join?  He of course said “okay”. He is like that, anything to help his game.  We did my pre-game series of poses before we headed to the course.  It took about 15-20 minutes.

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Mindful Golf

Of all the hazards, fear is the worst! My favorite quote from one of the greatest golfers of all time, Sam Snead.  Fear is what gets in the way of many of us moving forward and pushing through to be the best we can in golf and life.  We see it countless times when we step on the course.  Fear of hitting a bad shot, a high score, losing a tournament, hitting into the water and the list goes on.  Fear drives most of our decisions and puts a tremendous amount of doubt in our minds.  The problem with fear is it is in the future not the present moment.

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Your Gut Instinct is there for a reason!

How many times have you reached for a club and then changed your mind?  How often have you read a putt and changed the line over the ball?  How many times have you said I “should” have gone with my first choice?

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Targets are your friend

I love to practice, well most of the time.  But like some people I find myself aimlessly wondering on the range.  Hitting balls and thinking,  "Wow, contact feels good, swing feels good and ball flight looks good."  However, what is missing?  Targets!  Targets exist all over the course.  But for some reason we tend to lose sight of this, no pun intended. As if we are just driving our car on an open road with no lines, stop signs or traffic lights.

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Surrendering to Adversity!

Last Friday, I played our annual round at The Sanctuary, an elite club in Colorado, which is by invitation only.  We always look forward to our round every year and very blessed and honored to get to play there.  We show up and we are faced with 25-30mph winds.  I think to myself, I can handle this, I played Bandon Dunes a couple years ago, and I am certainly prepared.  At least I thought I was prepared until I lost my very first tee shot off the first hole!  Okay I thought, no biggie it is totally fine, I got this (practicing my positive self-talk).

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