Master’s Weekend first ACE!

kathleen's Hole in One

April 9th was my first 18 for the year.  What a round it was! I decided that morning that I was going to commit to my Yoga Fit FORE Golf program (YFFG) and blog about it all summer.  I told my husband and asked if he wanted to join?  He of course said “okay”. He is like that, anything to help his game.  We did my pre-game series of poses before we headed to the course.  It took about 15-20 minutes. As we were driving I said I am excited about implementing my program principles this summer.  I had my journal and was ready to record my round.  We arrived at Saddle Rock about 30 minutes early to warm-up.  I proceeded to do my YFFG range stretches as well.  I begin hitting some wedges, a couple 8 irons and a few drives.  I was feeling really tired on Saturday and assessed that it was going to be a day that I would hit a little stronger than I thought I could.  This was what was accessible for my body on Saturday.  I wrapped up a few drives and noticed my fade showing up.  This happens when I am fatigued so that is what I was going to play!

We teed off and sure enough the fade.  Not a big deal, I knew that is what was in my bag so I accepted it and decided to play it.  The point is, whatever shows up for you on the day of play, is what you play.  You can’t change if it isn’t available.  As we continued the round I stayed focused on my short game, less effort and a great mindset for my first 18!  We approached number 5 a par 3, 114, uphill into a little wind.  I followed my gut, to hit a club stronger just in case.  I pulled my 9 iron (125) club and stepped up to the ball and swung.  It came off a little hot, but headed straight for the pin.  I said, shit that is coming in hot but should work out okay!  Well it did, it hit the green and bounced right at the pin (bam), hit it and dropped in!  Holy cow, I thought that went in the hole.  I jumped up and down and screamed “I got a hole in one”! My husband was also hysterical (he LOVES golf) and I couldn’t believe it. Yes, my first and hopefully not my last.  This is what Yoga Fit FORE Golf is all about! It works.  I am excited to continue to share my stories throughout the season and I commit to my Yoga Fit FORE Golf program.  

Stay tuned…