Consistent Golf

The biggest thing my students want is to be “consistent” What does this mean in the golfing world? In my mind it means becoming more consistent with your misses and recovery. Most people don’t understand that the ball very rarely goes exactly where you want it to. In fact it most solid players, including professionals will tell you this. Golf is a game of misses, luck, chance and recovery. It is a game that will never be mastered. The one thing you can master is how you approach each shot mentally and physically. This will make you a consistent player. The question is how do we do this? Tips on becoming a consistent player:

  1. Practice with a purpose: Don’t just show up and “hit” balls. Have a plan that incorporates short-game, aim-alignment and pre-shot routine. Everything you do when you are playing the game you need to “practice”!
  2. Play under pressure. Put yourself in situations when playing that make you uncomfortable and practice recovering and letting go.
  3. Know and get familiar with your swing faults, misses and distance. The better you know these things the better you will recover.
  4. Commit to getting better!

These are just a few ways to become a better and more consistent player. Good luck on the links.